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Treadmill Elektrik T-244G Mesin 2,5Hp


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Treadmill Elektrik / Treadmill Listrik TL-244G New

Alat Fitness Treadmill,Jual Treadmill,Harga Treadmill,Treadmill Elektrik Murah, Treadmill Elektrik Terbaru.

Alat Olahraga Treadmill, Treadmill Murah, Toko Jual Treadmill.

Treadmill Elektrik-Treadmill Listrik Merk Total Fitness Type TL-244 New,Harga Treadmill Elektrik yang kami tawarkan Cukup Murah,Treadmill Elektrik ini memiliki Kekuatan Mesin 2,5Hp, Treadmill Elektrik ini Memiliki Fungsi Treadmill Seperti:

    Untuk Running/Lari Di tempat
    Massage Belt
    Sit Up Dan Pus uP

Kelebihan Treadmill TL-244 New

    Model Terbaru kap atas white
    Mesin 2,5Hp
    Automatis Incline

Spesifikasi Treadmill Elektrik TL-244 New:

DC Motor : 2,5 HP
Speed Range : 1.0 – 18.0 km/h
With 15 program : p1-15
with 15% automatic incline
Running Belt Size : 460x1400x1.6mm
With LCD display windows with blue background
Computer Function : Hand pulse, Time Speed, Distance, body fat and Calorie
Running Board : MDF material with high density, high elasticity
Wheels for Easy Transportation
With Safety lock system
Fordable (by cilinder) for easy storage
With Mp3
3 self setting program ; U1 to U3

HARGA TREADMILL TL-244 New Rp.7,500,000,-


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